Cute and sweet and loves a treat!  Little Emmy Lou is a fixture in the neighborhood dog walking circuit (or people walking circuit depending on how you look at it).  She greets fellow neighbors with a friendly prance and tail wag… and a kiss if you’re lucky.

Emmy Lou therapy dogtaking over the cats bed


A little girl with a big personality

When Sue moved to AP five years ago, she knew a(nother) furry friend was in her future… no offense to the cat, but cats don’t get out much.  When Sue and Emmy Lou locked eyes, they both knew it was a fit… and possibly fate… and it’s been a love affair ever since.

Sue says “I like to think Emmy Lou got lucky but so did I!”


Meet Emmy Lou

NAME → Emmy Lou BoweEmmy Lou belly rubs
NICKNAMES → Emmy (or just “M”)
AGE/BDAY → around 9 years old; she was a rescue so don’t know her exact age or birth date
BREED → Mixed breed; the vet calls her a feist, a generic term for a small hunting dog
HOBBIES → Loves playing, wrestling, running especially with Maddie; is fanatical about car rides and belly rubs!
BAD HABITS → being rude to a very sweet cat; hunting in the litter box for “treats”; and she’s a super-shedder (more of a condition than a habit)
FAVORITE HUMANS → everyone and anyone who may potentially dispense treats; mom’s not so bad except when she’s petting the cat
SPECIAL TALENT → Emmy Lou and her mom are certified as a therapy dog team with the Love on a Leash regional chapter. Unfortunately, since the pandemic they have not been able to visit nursing homes or hospitals. Hope to do so soon!
FAVORITE FOOD → Emmy Lou loves when mom finishes a jar of peanut butter and let’s her lick the jar clean. And being an ENC girl, Emmy Lou loves sweet potatoes and especially watermelon. Come on, summer!
FAVORITE PLACE IN AP → Paws Down:  AP Beach. Emmy Lou is not much of a swimmer but loves to run and explore, hoping to find stinky things! And hanging out in mom’s closet during thunderstorms helps ease the anxiety somewhat.
PET PEEVES → Giving any other animal attention while Emmy Lou is present
SCARED OF → thunderstorms and fireworks
KNOWN ASSOCIATES → Emmy Lou loves her human and canine friends in AP and is happy to make new acquaintances. She will stop dead in her tracks if she smells a potential enemy.  Mom does not see them, but Emmy Lou evidently can smell, hear or see evidence of the existence of these creatures. Yikes!
ONCE UPON A TIME → Shortly after I moved to AP in 2016 I came upon a pet adoption event in New Bern, where I met Emmy Lou. Yes, she came with the name and I like to think that she’s named after Emmy Lou Harris, a singer I admire, who spent part of her childhood across the Neuse River at Cherry Point. Emmy Lou, the dog, seemed to have a lot of the qualities I was looking for in my first dog so she joined me and the cat on Muscadine Court.

halloween pup

Good things come in small packages, and small packages of the furry variety are too cute not to dress up.  The neighborhood kiddos love trick-or-treating at Emmy Lou’s house because they can’t wait to see her outfits, she’s quite the fashionista!

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