pet of the month, chocolate labMeet Riskie, Miss January.  Glenn and Rose Lore (formally Rose Riskie) have had chocolate labs since the 80s.  The trio moved onto Sailmaker Loop in AP four years ago, and Riskie quickly embraced river life, loving the water… eating whatever has washed up on the riverbank… and watching the sunsets from her house, appropriately named ‘Bourbon-Worthy Sunsets’.

Her yard is her domain but she does like visiting the golden brothers across the street, who have an ongoing competition for the attention of the cute girl next door???

In true lab fashion, she’s a woman who knows what she wants… the perfect combo of sassy + sweet.  If you do something that she doesn’t like, she’ll look at you with disapproval then slowly turn her head and give you the cold shoulder until you’ve learned your lesson.  She wouldn’t even look at Rose for two days after they got back from a trip… I mean, how dare they not take her to Hawaii!

pet of the month - Riskie


NAME → Riskie Lore


AGE/BDAY → Twelve! 4/18/08

BREED → Chocolate Lab

HOBBIES→ Going for long walks, going camping, riding in the back seat with her head hanging out of the window

pet of the monthBAD HABITS → She has selective hearing!

FAVORITE HUMANS → Glenn, Keegan and Evie

SPECIAL TALENT → Appearing as soon as any snack bag opens

FAVORITE FOOD → She’s not picky…Riskie will eat whatever is available! She does love sharing a banana with her Daddy, though?

FAVORITE PLACE IN AP→ Her yard, or Gus Lang’s yard!

PET PEEVES → don’t even think of petting her while she’s eating her treats

SCARED OF → thunder, loud noises

KNOWN ASSOCIATES/ENEMIES → Gus Lang is her main buddy (boyfriend); however, she is learning to accept Hank Lang as well.

ONCE UPON A TIME → While living in Stone Harbor, NJ, we were checking out the flooded streets after a nor’easter. A newspaper reporter asked if he could take Riskie’s picture and “interview” her. Of course we answered all of the questions! Two days later, Glenn and I entered Fred’s Tavern (where we didn’t know anyone), and as we sat at the bar people began pointing to us saying, “There’s Riskie’s parents!” She was a star in her own right?

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