Sophie and Chula… Chula and Sophie.  This adorable sister pair, aka Miss & Miss March, moved in with their human companions Rock and Diane in the summer of 2019.  Can I get an “awwwwww”?

chula - pet of the monthsophie - pet of the month

Chula is the chocolate and Sophie chocolate and vanilla swirl

When they’re not living their best life on Wild Cherry Lane, they are happily trotting around AP or are touring the coast in “their” RV… 8 paws, 4 wheels, let’s roll!

But which came first, the Sophie or the Chula?  Contrary to popular belief, they weren’t littermates and they aren’t even the same breed.  But to answer the question, Chula came first, she’s the eldest by a few weeks.

pet of the monthpet of the month


NAME → Sophie
AGE/BDAY → May 11, 2019
BREED → Springer-Doodle
HOBBIES → Playing ball with herself
BAD HABITS → Digging holes looking for Mr. Mole
SPECIAL TALENT → Looking at you with human eyes until you give in
FAVORITE FOOD → Peanut butter
PET PEEVES → Licks you to death
SCARED OF → Big trucks, loud noises
KNOWN ASSOCIATES → Chula and Pearl
ONCE UPON A TIME → I love it when there are those little silver snacks all over the river shore.  I don’t know who leaves them for me but my mom calls it a menhaden kill… she can call it whatever she wants, I call it yummy!
pet of the month


NAME → Chula
AGE/BDAY → 18 months
BREED → Labradoodle (my dad is a miniature poodle)
HOBBIES → Playing ball with herself
BAD HABITS → I’m the digger of many holes
FAVORITE HUMANS → Carver Harrison
SPECIAL TALENT → vigorous ear licking
FAVORITE PLACE IN AP → the beach with my sister
KNOWN ASSOCIATES → Sophie and Pearl
ONCE UPON A TIME → The UPS man is such a tattletale.  He told mom that we had escaped.  We were just down on the green having a grand old time… what’s wrong with that?


We’re two lucky pups and don’t we know it!  We get to live in a cool neighborhood, explore cool things, visit cool places and we get lots of good lovin from our parents, Carver next door and the grandkids when they come to town.  And best of all, we get to do all of it together!  Sophie and Chula… Chula and Sophie ??
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