This dynamic duo lives on Brightleaf Drive with their humans, Dennis and Mary.  They’re both cocker spaniels but have a yin and yang thing going on… April being the blonde bombshell and Jasper more stately in black and white.
pet of the month
Seems they have a fondness for costumes… or perhaps that would be mom and dad’s doing?
pet of the month
This sweet little sister / big brother team are Miss and Mister February…

Meet April Balsly

NAME → April Winfree’s Foolish Pleasurepet of the month
NICKNAMES → curly girlie
AGE/BDAY →  1 year and 9 mos / April 1
BREED → English cocker spaniel
HOBBIES →   chewing puzzle pieces, wrestling with Ragnar(cat), pestering her older brother;
BAD HABITS → Chewing paper and plastic.
FAVORITE HUMANS → I am totally Dad’s dog; Jasper is TOTALLY DEVOTED to Mom; I am intrigued by the visiting granddaughters and the little people next door.
SPECIAL TALENT → I am the consummate snuggler; I love rooting through the toy basket for the perfect toy (and then leaving a trail of toys)
FAVORITE FOOD → Any and all;  treats especially.
FAVORITE PLACE IN AP → River trail & river beach;  Kayak Outfitters dock a close second!
PET PEEVES  Jasper getting more attention than me.  Being too petite to counter surf!
SCARED OF → sirens.
KNOWN ASSOCIATES/ENEMIES →  love their AP canine neighbors; And our friendly dog-loving families on North Bright Leaf! /  enemies? None known!
ONCE UPON A TIME → Every time my mom and dad finish a 1000 piece puzzle, they discover 1 to 2 pieces missing. And I slink away…

Meet Jasper Balsly

NAME → Jasperpet of the month
AGE/BDAY →  2 yrs old / Dec 1
BREED → English cocker spaniel
HOBBIES →   Swimming and fetching sticks in the river; counter surfing.
BAD HABITS → Swimming in mud puddles; rolling in and eating stinky stuff. Dead fish, crab parts and coyote scat
FAVORITE HUMANS → Mom & dad; anybody who gives me attention.
SPECIAL TALENT → Counter surfing; dog talking (murmuring); I love animal TV shows (notice the frequency of dog commercials since COVID started?); pouncing on bugs in the road during walks is fun too.
FAVORITE FOOD → Any and all; treats especially.
FAVORITE PLACE IN AP → dirt road to the beach and the river beach. Love watching fish jump and birds diving on the beach dock. Some day I will catch one!
PET PEEVES  April stealing toys; (but I have a bone yard she doesn’t bother); sand spurs!
SCARED OF → none known.
KNOWN ASSOCIATES/ENEMIES →  Mattie, Tate, Josie, Emmy Lou / enemies – ticks & assassin bugs.
ONCE UPON A TIME → My love of Arlington Place – I get to go for walks, smell and sniff along the trails, swim in the river, and hopefully catch a live crab, bird or fish; in general, a paradise for my breed!

pet of the month

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