Welcome to our new Pet of the Month series!  We plan to feature an AP furry friend monthly… after all, they live here too!  Each of our beloved animals comes with their own personalities that make them oh so lovable… to us at least.

The AP O.G.

pet of the month

We thought it was fitting for this first post to feature the very first pet that moved into Arlington Place.  Basil moved here in 2008 and has been ruling the roost ever since.  She’s quite protective of her domain (aka the whole house) and will let you know it.

Basil will be 15 next week but is still quite spunky and feisty.  She hisses at most everyone else, but to us she’s just a sweet cuddle bug.

Meet Miss November

NAME → Basil Lang

NICKNAMES → Sissy, Queen B

AGE/BDAY → 15 years old on Nov. 5th

BREED → Calico rescue

HOBBIES → Sleeping in closets and sun rays, swatting cat toys, spooning on the couch

BAD HABITS → Jumping on the kitchen counters, hissing at guests, 3am hairballs, swiping ankles

FAVORITE HUMANS → Becca-Blair-Evie-Keegan-Rose-Grandma-Harvey (in that order)

SPECIAL TALENT → Sitting up like a gopher for a treat, jumping surprisingly high for an old gal

FAVORITE FOOD → White condiments… mayo, butter, ranch… don’t leave any of these out, she can smell them from a mile away!

FAVORITE PLACE IN AP → Becca’s closet

pet of the monthPET PEEVES (haha) → Hank, dress-up

SCARED OF → Roomba

KNOWN ASSOCIATES/ENEMIES → Gus is probably her favorite, every other animal is an enemy… especially Hank that just wants to lick her.

ONCE UPON A TIME → Our friend Clark was visiting and we walked inside to find him cornered on the steps by our sweet Basil.  He had gotten a coat hanger to fend off the beast and was frozen in fear.  Keep in mind she is 6 pounds of fluff… and sass.

She also got stuck in a grocery bag once and went tearing through the house because it was “following” her.  I don’t care what you say, cats are so darn funny!


pet of the monthpet of the month

Okay now we want to know more about your fur babies!  Email frontdesk@arlingtonplace.com for the Pet of the Month form.  Who will be Miss/Mr December??  Stay tuned to find out!