Gus holds the title of the 1st dog to move into Arlington Place!  He also holds the occupancy record living in four AP homes, soon to be five.  G is a prominent member of the Lang household and quite possibly the most well behaved.

Gus was one of those irresistible fluffy puppies and has grown into such a handsome fella over the last decade +.  His eyes have turned from innocent to wise and his title from newbie to OG.

Gus is our eldest and is the best dog in the world in our (completely biased) eyes.

pet of the month May


Saint Gus

pet of the month - MayGus is extra gentle and has the patience of a saint, especially with the kids who have dressed him up, ridden him like a horse and use him as a pillow.  And even with all that, he is their faithful protector, rarely taking his watchful eyes off them when they’re playing outside.  He was a puppy when Evie was born so they literally don’t know a life without him.


Man’s best friend

Then there’s Blair.  Gus worships the ground he walks on, his constant companion.  He talks to Gus like he’s a person, I’ve interrupted them deep in conversation a few times.  Maybe that’s where he’s gotten many of his human-like qualities?

When Blair is in the golf cart with Gus riding shotgun, more people that I’d like to admit have confused him for me from behind.  Blair jokes that he’s his ‘master’ but I’m not sure he’s actually joking.  When I’m petting Gus he looks to Blair for approval like he’s cheating on him or something… what’s up with that?  I told him that us blondes have to stick together but it’s no hope, Blair is his ‘person’.

pet of the month - May


Brotherly Love

We got him a new baby brother last year which he was none to happy about at first.  I think it took him a while to realize that Hank wasn’t just visiting.  Gus kept on looking at us like, ‘can that puppy go home now?’  A few days of acceptance later and Gus took him under his wing and has been showing Hank the ropes ever since.  They wrestle and bicker and love each other… just like brothers.

pet of the month - May

This isn’t the first time Gus has been Pet of the Month.  He was Mister November 2015 on and had quite the extensive write up.  Full Article HERE.

Meet Mister May

NAME → Gus Lang
AGE/BDAY → 11.5, December 20th, 2009
BREED → Golden Retriever
HOBBIES → walking the ‘loop’, lounging wherever there’s a breeze, varmint chasing
BAD HABITS → he’s a barker… he got his volume from his dad I think
FAVORITE HUMANS → Blair obviously and he adores our friend Melody
SPECIAL TALENT(S) → catching minnows, howling, sleeping upside-down, smiling
FAVORITE FOOD → raw deer meat
FAVORITE PLACE IN AP → all 1000 acres, aka his domain (that he claimed back in 2010)
SCARED OF → the vet’s office and those doggone thunderstorms
KNOWN ASSOCIATES/ENEMIES → little brother Hank and his neighborhood girlfriend Riskie Lore are his sidekicks… squirrels and buzzards are his arch nemeses
ONCE UPON A TIME → a few years ago he was chasing the killdeer (birds) and their babies in the field.  He thought it was such a fun game, I’m sure the mamas were completely freaked out.  He scooped up a baby killdeer in his mouth.  Blair yelled “GUS DROP!”… Gus froze, dropped his head to the ground, opened his mouth and the little baby walked right out.  Not for lack of trying but I think that’s the only thing he’s ever caught… the squirrels and deer are too darn fast and the other birds fly too high.

pet of the month - May


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