We met Jeff and Martine a few years ago when they stayed with us onsite at the Blackduck Cottage.  Retirement was on the horizon and their sites were set on the Carolina Coast.   Arlington Place was not in the running, it was just a place to crash after long days of house hunting in New Bern.  But a few days into their stay, they came into the office and said, “we like it better here than anything else we’ve seen, now tell me everything about this place”.


Case in point, before they left they staked their claim on lot 386 and now they’re settled into their beautiful new home, ‘Rest-a-Shore’, on Pretty Loop.

new house

But let’s rewind just a bit…

The Gentle Giant

When they met me at the office they mentioned they had their dog in the car.  Well as you know we have an open door policy for our furry friends so I said “bring him in!”  To which they responded, “are you sure?”  In lumbered Nathan, straight out of Beethoven.  So chill and friendly and so big it looks like he moves in slow motion.

pet of the month

pet of the monthHe’s a leaner!  Many dogs are, they lean into you to show affection… but brace yourself when Nate wants to cuddle, that’s a lot of weight coming your way!  I also think it’s pretty great that his head can comfortably rest on a table, then he stares up at you with those sweet brown eyes, full of hope that he can join you for dinner.


Meet Mister November

pet of the month

NAME → Nathan


AGE/BDAY → 8 years

BREED → Saint Bernard

HOBBIES → sleeping

BAD HABITS → rushing out front door when visitors arrive to greet them


SPECIAL TALENT → catching snow balls – I’d like to wish him good luck with that, you’re not in PA anymore Nathan!

FAVORITE FOOD → ice water


PET PEEVESsitting in mom and dad’s lap – we’re going to need a picture of this Martine!

SCARED OFthe wind – I’d also like to wish him good luck with this.  Anyone who lives close to the river knows he’s going to need it!

KNOWN ASSOCIATES/ENEMIES → none, he loves everyone

ONCE UPON A TIME → Nathan was born in upstate New York and both his parents were over 200lbs. Nate weighs in at a healthy 155. He recently came from Pennsylvania and LOVES the snow. He LOVES to lay on the air conditioning vent and sleep. He travels well when he goes to PA and back to NC.  Super friendly, docile and LOVES everyone.

best. dog. ever.

pet of the month