With names like Sailor and Rudder, you can tell these brothers have been raised in a boating family.  They hold down the fort with the Ostmann clan at the end of Brightleaf Drive overlooking Mill Creek.

Surrounded by water, this pair loves everything about being in the water or on the water.  They have both grown up at Camp Seafarer working on boats with their dad Sean with campers lovingly referring to Sailor as “Crab Pot” because, well… he smelled like a crab pot after spending his days “fishing” from the boat ramp.

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And now they have two other right-sized playmates who are just their favorite little people in the whole world, brother Mack and sister Lilagrace.  I think the feeling is mutual.

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Meet the June Misters

Mister #1

pet of the month

NAME → Sailor
NICKNAMES → Sailor Bear, Sailor Dog, and of course Crab Pot
AGE/BDAY → July 26, 2008, 12 years old
BREED → Golden Retriever
HOBBIES → Boat rides, fishing (although I’ve never caught anything), avoiding my brother, Rudder… he can be kinda annoying
BAD HABITS → digging up the grass
pet of the month - golden retrieverSPECIAL TALENT → Balancing on the bow of a boat in rough seas.  A marketing model for Arlington Place… that’s me! (in my younger years)
FAVORITE FOOD → Peanut Butter and anything my little humans drop on the floor
FAVORITE PLACE IN AP → The back porch in a sun ray or riverside walks
PET PEEVES → none, I’m the chill one
SCARED OF → fireworks at camp… no thanks
KNOWN ASSOCIATES → Rudder brother
ONCE UPON A TIME → I was a camp dog and spent all my days fishing on the boat ramp and riding in the bed of the truck or on the bow of a boat. I’ve even jumped off the blob tower into the water after my human!

Mister #2

pet of the month RudderNAME → Rudder
NICKNAMES → Stinky Dog
AGE/BDAY → October 26, 2012, 8 years old
BREED → English Cream Golden Retriever
HOBBIES → EATING, annoying my brother Sailor, befriending the construction workers nearby
BAD HABITS → Eating too much, digging up the yard
FAVORITE HUMANS → Anyone who feeds me
SPECIAL TALENT → Convincing people I haven’t eaten yet when really I have… it’s not my fault I’m always hungry
FAVORITE FOOD → I haven’t found a food I don’t like
FAVORITE PLACE IN AP → Construction zones with leftovers
PET PEEVES → When my people don’t feed me promptly, did I mention I’m hungry?
SCARED OF → the fireworks at camp
ONCE UPON A TIME → When my human Mack was little he used to drop so much food on the floor….those were the days…

Gee, you think Rudder likes to eat?  Also, Sailor and Gus (Mister May) are doppelgangers.  Many a neighbor has gotten them confused… even my kids!

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