Pesto + trout might be an uncommon combo but it’s tastier than it sounds… stick with me on this one.

The waters around Arlington Place have become trout central lately, which has made a few of our favorite anglers very happy… a bit obsessed actually.  One might even say the neighborhood has come down with a case of ‘trout fever’.

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When the guys land the trout, the trout land on our dinner tables.  

You obviously can’t go wrong with fried trout, especially when you top it with a squeeze of lemon and SAUCE #1.  But here’s a recipe for your arsenal if you want to switch things up a bit. 

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STEP #1: go fishing

STEP #2: spray baking sheet and lay out trout fillets like so…

trout blog - fillets

TIP: put the smallest fillets in the middle… the outside pieces cook faster so it makes sense to have your larger fillets on the edge.

STEP #3: season both sides of the fillets with salt, pepper and garlic powder

TIP: Like lemon?  You can also season with fresh lemon juice and even squeeze lemon over the whole dish just before serving.

STEP #4: mix pesto, mayo, parmesan cheese, garlic, black pepper

trout blog - pesto sauce

TIP: each year before the first freeze, I ‘harvest’ what’s still green out of the garden and stock the freezer.  I whirl up the pesto and spread it on the bottom of a Tupperware to freeze then break up the pieces and put them in a ziplock.

trout blog - garden harvesttrout blog - frozen pesto

STEP #5: spread mixture on the fillets

trout blog - pesto on fish

STEP #6: bake at 350 degrees for approx 10-15 minutes or until fish is no longer pink

STEP #7: take out of oven and sprinkle with panko

STEP #8: Broil on high for a few minutes until the panko is golden

trout blog - cooked trout

TIP: I’ve also done this with flounder and striper and it was equally as delicious so in theory this should work with any white fish.


Disclaimer: I never measure anything, which is probably why I can’t bake.  Perhaps I’m not the ideal candidate to share a recipe. But with this one, it’s really all about the flavor combo!  To my defense, measurements totally depend on how many fish you have.  This can be done as easily for 2 fillets as it can be for 12.  
trout blog - ingredients

  • Trout filets
  • Mayo
  • Garlic, minced-fresh-powder…it all works
  • Pesto, fresh or jarred or frozen (thawed of course)
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Panko bread crumbs
  • Salt and pepper to season
  • Lemon (optional)

We usually serve this over rice with a side of something green.  Easy enough for a quick dinner, fancy enough to serve to company… my kind of recipe!  

Arlington Place blog author Becca Lang. Story by Becca Lang

Hey there, I’m Becca. I live and work in Arlington Place with my husband Blair and kids Evie (13) and Keegan (11)... oh and our fur babies Gus (14) and Hank (4). We’re lucky to live in such a unique place and do our best to make the most of what our little slice of heaven has to offer.