In Pamlico County we don’t just have farm to table, we’ve also got creek to table! Our steam pots (literally) runneth over with big ole’ Jimmy blue crabs that call the waters that surround Arlington Place home in the summertime.

We’ve had dinner from our backyard at least twice a week since early June and whoa are they hefty, rusty and tasty! It simply doesn’t get much more summer than picking crabs on the back porch.

They’re pretty delicious just plain, but we like to dip them in my favorite concoction of melted butter, apple cider vinegar, fresh lemon juice and Old Bay. Our go to for crabs and shrimp.

Where to Go Crabbing

Evie crabbing on the Neuse River.

For those of you looking to get in on the action, try crabbing in the creeks. The commercial crabbers aren’t allowed to set their pots in the creeks off of the Neuse River and the crabs are wandering to the warms waters of the Mill Creek, Bairds Creek and the creeks across the river.

Curious about a day in the life of a commercial crabber? Check out this article about Zach & Ben Bruno of Oriental’s own Endurance Seafood. And if you’re already stuffed and the pot is still half full, pick’em and freeze’em.  Crab meat freezes great and you know you’re going to start craving in the winter.

Arlington Place blog author Becca Lang. Story by Becca Lang

Hey there, I’m Becca. I live and work in Arlington Place with my husband Blair and kids Evie (12) and Keegan (9)... oh and our fur babies Gus (13) and Hank (3). We’re lucky to live in such a unique place and do our best to make the most of what our little slice of heaven has to offer.